Spearheaded the evolution of the brand to create a more contemporary and powerful look, with a strong feeling of athletic purpose and journalistic sophistication. We infused the undercurrent of functional fitness into the brand and drove the philosophy that ‘it’s okay for women to be powerful, to sweat, to push themselves to new limits’. We evolved the formatting and typography, color palates and design, the Oxygen brand went through a six-month behind the scene rebranding process to reach the desired results, captured on the Amanda Latona grey background cover and throughout the internal department pages like Supplement News and By The Numbers, and in the training, nutrition and health features such as Cold Comfort (seen in slide show).

Developed custom reader surveys, polls and social engagement to learn more about the Oxygen readership. Using this information crafted new sections within the magazine and online to better serve their needs. Collaborated with the Oxygen creative team to formulate and design these new sections.

Collaborating with the web team led new online and social media strategies during the 1H of 2013 that resulted in a 220% increase in page views to oxygenmag.com, doubled the monthly uniques and grew total Facebook likes by over 40%.

In 2009 made and implemented the strategic decision to increase the Oxygen cover price – resulting in over $5.8 million of incremental revenues and more than $2.2 million of net profit over a five year period.

Created and executed interactive fan participation experiences at national USA trade shows and directed the creation, design and display of all Oxygen marketing and promotional materials at events.